Cleared Artwork for Your Set
and Interior Designers

Thank you for visiting Set Art ATL and Art For the Trade! We are the creators of every image shown on this website. We rent our art to the film industry and sell it to designers and members of the trade only. Our list price is based on production costs associated with producing the art in the size you need it. Each image is the same price at the same size. Every image can be produced in sizes ranging from 8×12 to 40×60 or larger!

All prints are created on demand with Fast Free Shipping to your location within 5 business days of order placement. You can change any color image to a black and white or to a simulated oil painting. You can also change any rectangular format to a square by contacting us and requesting a special crop. There is no additional charge for cropping or converting images! Pricing is based on the longest dimension that corresponds to the price list.

Need something faster? Give us a call 404.436.8406 and we will drop everything to work with you pronto! Designers please click on retail sales (above) for information and registration.